18th Century Bavarian folk Marriage Armoire

18th Century Bavarian folk Marriage Armoire

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W: 117cm (46.1")H: 166cm (65.4")D: 46cm (18.1")


c1766. From the Bavarian/ Austrian border comes this outstanding dated marriage armoire.
The armoires were commissioned to celebrate marriages and were shown with pride at the wedding banquet.
Parents saved for years to afford the most beautifully decorated pieces to flaunt at the feast. Good examples are hard to come by.
We were lucky enough to eventually purchase a private collection with three museum quality examples.
The blue-grey ground is wonderful and supports folksy essentially neoclassical (or at least local interpretations of) bouquets or posies in urns in all the panels. Effectively Bavarian farmers idea of Palladian splendour.
The artist was much practiced and skilful, framing the piece with faux marbling on the cornice and door closure strip.
The natural earth pigments fade little with time.
It is an exemplary, charming and beautiful piece of folk art as well as a functional piece of furniture.