18th Century Louis XIV Guerandais armoire

18th Century Louis XIV Guerandais armoire

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W: 132cm (52")H: 188cm (74")D: 60cm (23.6")


Important 18thC Guerandais Louis XIV armoire in original paint
A form unique to the Briere National park near Nantes, an area famous for its pink sea salt production. The salt blows everywhere from the salt pans (fleurs de sel) and eats into everything. Furniture was protected from it and the penetrating winter damp by the unique local "sang de boeuf" (bulls' blood) paint formulation. Originally a deep red, after getting on for 300 years this has faded to a warm semi transparent pinky - terracotta over the rich chestnut fabric of the armoire. Famous but rare. The two local museums have only replicas. We've had 2 in nearly 40 years. The armoires are known as Guerandais after the historic walled town of Guerande or "armoires des paludariens" - the marsh peoples armoires. This piece is in incredibly good original condition and belonged to a former notaire of St Andre des Eaux in the National Park. 18thC examples as here, have iron furniture, later 19thC forms have brass fittings. A wonderful statement piece or, as ideal for hanging, a functional bedroom wardrobe.
132 cm x 60 cm deep down the main, 151 cm x 70 cm deep including cornice