Late 18th Century Rennes Marriage Armoire

Late 18th Century Rennes Marriage Armoire

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W: 126cm (49.6")H: 224cm (88.2")D: 55cm (21.7")


c.1785 Rennes Marriage Armoire
The flagship of Breton marriage armoires attributed to the workshops of Charles Croize' of Bruz just outside Rennes. Made from the finest cherry c.1785. Rennes marriage armoires were made to celebrate the marriages of typically relatively affluent farming families who supplied the city. The brides father would save for years to provide the most dazzling possible armoire which was exhibited to guests at the wedding reception. It would then be taken away, dismantled and reassembled in the matrimonial home. The body of the armoire would account for only 25-35% of the final bill for a piece such as this. Wood was relatively cheap. Master sculptors were not. Rennes marriage armoires are unique and instantly recognisable by the double bowed cornice. They have always been regarded as scarce, high status examples of master craftsmens' work. 225 years after it was made it would still put a smile on the face of anyone lucky enough to wake facing it. Typically we'd furnish it with a shelf and brass hanging rail to accommodate a good sized wardrobe.
Original iron fittings and working lock
126 cm wide down the main but 140 cm at the top including cornice