19thC Vineyard Harvest table

19thC Vineyard Harvest table

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W: 69cm (27.2")H: 78cm (30.7")L: 149cm (58.7")


Burgundian Vineyard Harvest Table
The traditional means of harvesting grapes is to invite students and impoverished Bohemians to a free holiday bending over backwards for 8 hours a day. In return they get basic accommodation, good food and lashings of the most inexpensive wine. These harvest tables are stored in barns for 49 weeks a year then dragged out to victual the pickers. French literature and cinema is littered with coming of age sagas of love across the harvest table. The inexpensive wine must help. There's at least one folk song telling of a girls return the following year hoping to and find the babies father.
The inside of the stretchers are branded with "Protivin" the name of a Burgundian wine producers cooperative. The base of this one is c1890, the top is either original or a mid 20thC replacement. That's a lot of harvests. I love the patina, even we couldn't recreate it. Though originally used with benches for dining, it would make a great console or display table