C1826 Important Table de Chasse/Serving table

C1826 Important Table de Chasse/Serving table

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W: 77cm (30.3")H: 83cm (32.7")L: 220cm (86.6")


1826 Important Table de Chasse/Serving table.
This was purchased incidentally from a beautiful house by the sea in south Brittany from the estate of an octogenarian. The womans grandfather had worked at the Galleries Lafayette in Paris (the equivalent of Harrods or Selfridges). After the first World War this gentleman was employed to wear black tie and tails in what was essentially a palm court entrance lobby where he stood behind this table. His role was to welcome visitors and make them aware of the latest arrivals whether, game, Oleron oysters or the latest silks from Lyons which where displayed on this table. By the time Art Deco burst onto the scene after the exhibition of 1925, Galleries Lafayette underwent a revamp and the table and our demonstrator disappeared. One way or another the table traveled with our chap on his retirement back to Brittany. Enduring rather a fall from grace. By the time I found it in 2010 it was relegated to a workshop table in what was once a workshop shed. I bought it for the joy of restoring it to its former glory.
The table itself is entirely in oak, Louis XIV in style and is dated 1826. The 8 legs are goudroned, fielded and sculpted. Bowed foot rail stretchers tie them together and carry a central boss. originally it would have served as a table de chasse (literally hunt table where game was displayed) or equally high status serving table as a focal point for a dining room in sizable chateau. The top is charcoal black with wear revealing the oak beneath. The base was painted with a home made distemper or similar whiting/chalk paint which we've cleaned and refinished. The whole has been rewaxed to seal and stabilize. it's in perfect condition and would happily support the weight of any family car. A very eye-catching piece but not heavy in appearance, I would have loved to have kept it but She Who Must Be Obeyed said "Enough!" Look after it for me.....