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Large Oak Shipwrights trestle table


Code: 10405


W: 90cm (35.4")H: 76cm (29.9")L: 293cm (115.4")

Large Oak Shipwrights trestle table 
This table was made from reclaimed oak. It was bought from a woman in her 70's whose father was a shipwright in the historic Vannes shipyard from 1944. The table was made from reclaimed oak used to prop boats in the dry dock (think the opening scene in "Les Miserables"). His wife wanted a kitchen table. Father, as a woodworker, couldn't bear to lose useful length from the timber he'd 'salvaged'. The table is very long. Too long for the kitchen. It rested on its edge in his garden shed/workshop for virtually all his daughters life. He never got around to sorting out legs for it. I bought the ancient trestles he used to make it. Perfect. Thank you Michel.